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Approaches to Greek and Latin Language, Literature and History. Κατὰ σχολήν

Édité par Sandra Rodríguez Piedrabuena, Gréta Kádas, Sara Macías Otero & Kevin Zilverberg (ed.)

2019 | Cambridge : Scholars Publishing (site externe)
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Langue: English
Pages: 347
ISBN: 978-1-5275-1849-0

This peer-reviewed collection of essays provides an account of several current foci of research in Classics. It gathers fifteen contributions covering subjects such as Greek and Latin papyrology and epigraphy. It also includes approaches to various key literary texts, from Homer to post-classical Humanists, in addition to chapters on navigation, coinage, and sculpture.

This book represents a useful research tool for a wide range of scholars in Greek, Latin and Ancient History, as well as an up-to-date source for any classicist.

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